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Anti-Spam Policy

Nobody likes to be Spamed, and we're certainly doing out part to help ensure no SPAM originates from our servers. If you feel you have been Spamed by our server, you can fill in an abuse report here and we'll investigate it. Members found to be actively engaged in, or reported for, Spaming will have their accounts immediately suspended and, pending the outcome of the investigation, may have their account cancelled.

ULSEmailMarketing.com actively monitors Subscriber imports and outgoing messages and reserves the right to immediately terminate any current or pending campaigns if Spam is suspected.

What i SPAM?

Spam, also known as Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE), is email sent, especially in bulk, to recipients who have not requested it. According to the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA), you are not Spaming if you meet the following three conditions when sending email:
  1. Consent the message is sent with the receiver's consent.
  2. Identity the message must contain accurate information about you, the Sender, or organization that authorized the sending of the message
  3. Unsubscribe the message contains a functional 'unsubscribe' facility to allow the receiver to opt out of receiving messages.

We'll ensure points 2 and 3 are met, by automatically inserting your Company Name, Physical address, Phone Number, ABN where applicable and email address, and an Unsubscribe link at the bottom of each of your outgoing messages. We also have provision for built into our email software and Subscription Form generator for "Double Opt In" for new Subscriptions, and we will record the Subscriber's IP, Host node when available, date and time of each subscription.

If you have an existing database of Subscriber which you are importing into our system, the onus of proof of consent is on you.

Cancellations and Removals

Each outgoing message sent to Subscribers will contain a mandatory Unsubscribe link automatically inserted by ULSEMailMarketing at the foot of the message. This link cannot be removed and attempting to obscure it in any way will be considered a direct violation of the User Agreement. Should the Subscriber click the Unsubscribe link, and submit the subsequent cancellation form, their email address will be automatically removed from the Sender's database and recorded in the Sender's Filter to ensure the same email address cannot re-enter the database.


In an effort to help identify Spamers and discourage the practice of Spam, each outgoing message sent to Subscribers will also contain the Sender's Company Name, Physical address, Phone Number, ABN where applicable and Email address displayed at the foot of the message. In addition to this, unique identification code will be included in the source of the message enabling ULSEMailMarketing to track the source of any offending email.

As a ULSEMailMarketing Member the onus is on you to ensure your contact information is up to date and accurate.


We know the vast majority of our Users are legitimate marketers with strong ethics and honest intentions. To help you stay on the right side of the law, ULSEMailMarketing encourages you to make use of the following sending practices and recommendations :

  1. Do not purchase email lists. We do not permit the importation of purchased lists.
  2. Do not try to mislead or deceive your Subscribers about yourself or your content.
  3. Do not send email with illegal or vulgar content. You not always know the true age of your readers.
  4. Clearly display your name or email address in the "From" header. This will build trust with your readers and make it easy and comfortable for any prospective customers to contact you.
  5. Accurately describe the content of your email in the "Subject".
  6. Try to cleanse your lists of, or refrain from importing general addresses such as sales@domain.com or info@domain.com or help@domain.com.
  7. Make use of our built in features such as:
    • List-Unsubscribe link available in your Mailing List Settings and supported by ESP giants such as Google, Yahoo and Hotmail.
    • Set your Subscriptions forms to Double Opt In, which requires a Subscriber to confirm their intention to join your list via a confirmation email.
    • Include your own clearly visible Unsubscribe links in your messages. These can be easily inserted using the WYSIWYG while composing your message, or be included in your email templates.
    • Immediately honor any unsubscribe requests that are directed to you by the Subscriber.


Using our service to send Spam is a direct violation of the User Agreement. Depending on the severity and/or frequency of the Spam, ULSEMailMarketing may suspend, cancel or enforce tighter restrictions of the offending User's account. If sufficient evidence is found to reasonably suspect blatant Spam, or blatant disregard for this Anti-Spam Policy, or repeated violations after one or more warnings have been issued, ULSEMailMarketing reserves the right to immediately suspend or terminate the offending User's account or sending privileges without notice.

If access to your account has been terminated and you need access to your data, ULSEMailMarketing can arrange to have your data delivered to you via email.

If you believe you have been Spamed, please notify us at : abuse@ULSEMailMarketing.com.

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