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The Million Message March.

In early March 2012, we released mConnect Version 10. The main objective behind this release was to increase throughput from industry accepted standards of around 500 message per minute, to an industry leading 15,000+ messages per minute. We were able to achieve this throughput rate on a consistent basis when sending to a quality list of subscribers. The average rate for several hundred members is around 7,000 messages per minute.

How do we do it?

By utilizing all available resources on 2 dedicated servers, implementing RAM disk to speed up I/O operations and reduce CPU wait time, installing multiple instances of the Postfix MTA, optimizing each piece of software's configuration options, and automatically rotating through multiple IP addresses to adhere to the ESP giant's message limits and minimize the number of deferrals. All of this combined, and through a collaborative effort from our entire team over several months has seen us exceed our objective or delivering one million messages per hour.

What can we do for you?

We are an Email Service Provider. We provide you with infrastructure, software and service. All you need is your database of Subscribers and a marketing plan. Our systems and dedicated team of professionals, including account representatives, software developers and system engineers will ensure your messages are delivered to the maximum number of inboxes at the fastest possible rate.

You too can send up to a million email messages per hour using a dedicated solution we can provide you with. Contact us now for a free online or on phone consultation and give us the pleasure of helping you improve your R.O.I. and get your message out to millions of people in minimal time.

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