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Bulk Email Spam Analysis

While composing your next message, and prior to sending it, SpamAssassin, the world's most popular server side Spam Analysis software will analyze and rate your message in real time. This enables you to tweak your message for the best possible rating and improve deliverability rates.

What is Spam Analysis?

The most prevalent problem on the Internet today is Spam, in one form or another. Almost all mail servers combat spam by analyzing incoming messages to determine the likelyhood of it being spam and if deemed to be spam will either delete the message so the end user is never even aware of it's existance, or move the message to the end user's "Junk folder". This is known as "Server Side Filtering".

Most mail servers use fairly similar rules and conditions for the most part. SpamAssassin is a very popular application world wide, and manages to trap or divert a very high percentage of spam with very good accuracy. It is for this reason we decided to integrate SpamAssassin into our bulk email software. So that while you are composing your next campaign, you can submit it to SpamAssassin for real time analysis.

How does Spam Analysis work?

The concept is simple. A preemptive guessing game, similar to Anti-Virus analysis: read the content of a message and compare it against of database of words, phrases and conditions known to be widely used in Spam. In addition to this, the origin of a message, the source headers and many other rules are taken in account. For each bad condition met, a positive point value is assigned to your message. The higher your score, the more likely your message will be considered spam. There are also good conditions, which will assign negative point values and reduce your overall score.

Email message with SpamAssassin results             The image to the right shows the results of real time Spam Analysis. The lower your score, the better. A negative value would be even better!

How can I best make use of Spam Analysis?

While composing your message in our system, or even if you composed it offline, and pasted it into our system, you have the ability to submit your message for testing, prior to delivering it. Submit a test and read the results. The descriptions are often easy to understand and can be acted upon. You may for example be penalized one point because your message contains too much HTML and not enough human readable text. This rule exists because spammers attempt to defeat filters by using images to convey their message rather than words which can be matched against a database of words commonly used by spammers.

What score should I be aiming for?

If you can score anything less than 4, you are doing well. In most cases, the default value of 7 is left as is by server administrators. There are of course a few who will apply a stricter spam policy, however if they are too strict, legitimate mail will be lost or incorrectly diverted. You should also read our Anit-Spam policy and be aware that there laws against spam, especially in Australia. Our server's reputation is also at stake. If one member spams, the others may temporarily suffer while we work with the ESPs to clear our name. We do our best to ensure none of our members spam, and will not hesitate to terminate a live campaign and/or cancel an account if a member is found to be blatantly spamming.

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