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Bulk Email Surveys Module

Can I embed a survey in my email message?

The answer to this is questions is: Yes, but most recipients will not be able to use them. Around 10 years ago, most email clients (such as Outlook Express, MacMail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, Thunderbird, etc.) all supported forms and surveys in email. However as security increasingly became an issue, they each started removing and/or disabling features such as forms, JavaScript and in some cases, even background images. So while embedded surveys in email are still possible in some cases, they are rapidly becoming a thing of the past.

How can I survey my subscribers if they won't see a functioning survey?

Our survey module is capable of generating anything from simple multiple select questions with scoring to extremely complex questionnaires with grouped questions and spider graphs. Once you've created your survey, you can simply include a link to the online version of the survey. Your readers will be directed directly to your fully functioning, fully customizable survey.

While most of our competitors ask you to find your own third party solution, our survey module was custom developed and is fully integrated with out bulk email software. This enables you to see more details about your actual Subscribers, like who filled in what, and what they said.

What are the main benefits of a fully integrated survey module?

We can accurately identify unique submissions to help ensure aggregate results are not skewed. Each survey has it's own configurative settings via the web admin interface, allowing you to send personalized, customized AutoResponders and Thank You messages.

You can create, manage and analyze the results for an unlimited number of surveys all within your account, without the need to manually reference and cross-reference data.

We have an array of graphs you can choose from to help you better understand the results at a glance. Lengthy surveys can be broken down into multiple pages. Questions within a survey can be grouped in Categories and rated separately. Each question can have a point value assigned to create an overall numeric assessment.

What are some of the other key features?

Quickly create surveys, duplicate and edit surveys
Quickly add questions, duplicate and edit questions
Public / Private surveys - for Subscribers or for all visitors
Open / Closed surveys - set the start and end dates for receiving submissions
Customize the look and feel of your surveys using Rich HTML WYSIWYG editors
Assign point values to each question and send the user their overall score
Enable / disable the preview page before final submission
Follow up questions... Why do you disagree?
Only accept unique submissions
Create Password protected surveys
Send AutoResponders with score and pre-defined assessment remarks based on scores
Include a 'Subscribe to Mailing List' checkbox in each survey
Optionally publish aggregate results to the web
Export data
View survey individual Submissions

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