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Bulk Email Features

Herein we have listed a summary and short description of the most powerful, practical and frequently used features of the program to give you, the prospective customer, a general idea of the email marketing system's capabilities. Click the links for detailed information on each feature.

If you have a need for a feature you do not see listed here, please contact us to enquire about it. In the unlikely event it's not already supported, we can develop it for you.

Autoresponders, what are they and how can I benefit from them? Dedicated IPs, can I get my own? Embedded Imagery, do users really see all images even when offline? Surveys, full featured, simple and advanced Surveying Social Media, point and click integration. Comparison Tests, what they are and how to get use them? Spam Assassin Spam Analysis, analysing the content of your message to improve deliverability. Bounce Management, fully automated bounce handling. Spreads / Full throttle, which should I use? Sender ID, SPF, DKIM, what are they?


Additional Key Features

Email Campaigns & Subscriber Management
Create and manage individual Mailings Lists
Rich HTML WYSIWYG editors
Image media manager
Personalized subscriber specific messages
Rich HTML, Plain Text and RSS
Email templates, drafts and archives
Link tracking and open rate statistics
Message previews and Spam Analysis
Send yourself test messages
Message delivery scheduler
File attachments, all file types supported
Mail Delivery Reports
Subscriber targeted campaigns
Import/Exports your Subscriber contacts
Subscriber's birthday AutoResponders
Unlimited number of messages
Predefined outgoing times for each message
Distinct series for each Mailing List
Rich HTML WYSIWYG editors
File attachments, all file types supported
Personalized subscriber specific messages
Rich HTML, Plain Text
Email templates
Link tracking and open rate statistics
Send yourself test messages
Forward entire series to individual Subscribers
Link one series to another
Re-position Subscribers in a series

Subscription Forms
Generate Signup Forms for your website
Store and use the Forms on our website
Rich HTML WYSIWYG editors to design your forms
Pop up forms immune pop up blockers
Personalized thank you messages Custom redirects
Subscription success rate statistics
Include up to 20 custom form fields
Over 30 stock forms fields to choose from
Subscriber log in area for managing their own profiles
Forward to Friend links
Automated email hard and soft bounce management
Add staff members to your account with limited rights
Your own filter manager for problem subscribers
Campaign progress meter
Statistics dashboard with graphical display
Phone and email support

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