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Embedded Images in Email

What is an Embedded Image?

For reasons including security, bandwidth conservation or because users may be offline while reading email, the images in your email will not be displayed by default. When the images are embedded, they are always displayed and you can be sure the effort you've put into the design of your message will always be appreciated.

Image media is embedded in and downloaded with the actual message, so the receiver's email program does not need to make further requests to the Internet to display the images. Once the message has been received, so have the images.

Why should I use Embedded Images in my email?

Image A shows what most people initially see when a Rich HTML email message is received. Image B, which is the same message, shows what they would see if the images were embedded, whether they were online or not, whether the images were automatically downloaded or not. Which would you prefer your readers to see?

Image A Image B

Most recipients will initially see a message similar to the following when images are not embedded :

Which email clients and ESPs support embedded imagery in email?

Yahoo Mail, HotMail, Outlook and Outlook express will all display embedded images. Others clients and ESPs who do not display the embedded images by default, will continue to function as normal. That is, the user will be asked whether or not they wish to download or display the images.

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