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Email AutoResponders - Unlimited, Time Delayed Auto Responses.

What is an AutoResponder?

As the name implies, an AutoResponder is an email sent in response to an email received. This process can be automated if you have a pre-written message, and can be be an entire series of messages, automatically dispatched and pre-defined time intervals.

How can I use AutoResponders?

For each of you Mailing Lists you may create and store an unlimited number of pre-written messages, and have each of those messages delivered to new Subscribers at pre-defined intervals. For example, at 2:00PM today, someone fills in your Subscription form and joins your "Weekly Specials" Mailing List.

You immediately dispatch a Welcome message thanking them for the Subscription and introducing your company. Exactly 24 hours later, you may dispatch a second message informing them of what they can expect from you and when. Every 7 days there-after, your weekly specials, which you already have stored in your system, are automatically dispatched to the new Subscriber.

So while you're at the Dentist, our system is working your marketing campaign. Now imagine the power of Autoresponders once you have thousands of Subscribers receiving a weekly special, 52 weeks a year.

What else can I do with AutoResponders?

It doesn't end there. You may continually edit your existing or create new AutoResponders, link one AutoResponder to another, shift Subscribers from one position to another, anaylize output, open rates and click through rates.

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