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Full Service Provider for Global Email and Mobile Marketing

ULSemailmarketing is a world leader in the dispatch and delivery of email and Mobile (SMS), through its active and growing participation in all major aspects of the online marketing industry.

ULSemailmarketing's delivery rates are well above the average worldwide rates because we actively monitor the majority of the larger ESPs. We strive to maximize the number of messages that reach inboxes and minimize the number of messages that end up in oblivion.

We are a full service email marketing service provider, offering proprietary software, dedicated hardware and sound advice from seasoned professionals. We can assist in server set up, configuration and optimization of MTAs, MySQL servers, Apache and Linux based Operating Systems. We have built and maintained literally hundreds of mail servers in over 10 years.

The Ultimate List Server (ULS) was conceived in early 2001 as a flat text file database list server. We quickly realized an RDBM version was in order if we were to support the then burgeoning email marketing industry. In late 2001 we released the MySQL Driven Version 2. Since then, ULS has been almost constantly developed and evolved into a world class email marketing program widely used by both amateur and professional email marketers the world over.

With 10 years of case studies, user feedback, sound programming and a rapid update policy to remain at the cutting edge of the email marketing industry and in compliance with the ever changing national and international Anti-Spam laws and ESP requirements, there is a vast and varying list of features currently supported.

We have helped companies increase their ROI, sales, revenue and reach in the following industries :

  • Auto-Industry

  • Food and Beverages

  • Internet

  • Health and Beauty

  • Entertainment

  • Real Estate

  • Retail

  • Security

  • Travel and Tourism

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